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Your pain is 100% real.

It is never too late to change your pain.  

You do not need to wait for your pain to be gone to start ENJOYING life. 


Regardless of what diagnosis you do or don’t have, there is always something that can be done.  The body has an amazing capacity to heal and it is NEVER too late to teach your system it has options other than pain and protection.  

You do not have to ‘accept it’ and ‘learn to live with it’. What you CAN do is learn to work with your pain and gain the tools needed to start changing it today.

The Discover to Recover program

  • Empowers you to take control of your own pain, your own health

  • Is a safe space where you will be heard

  • Offers a community that validates your experiences -

  • Can be accessed from the comfort of your own home

  • Can be accessed at your convenience, at whatever days / times suit your schedule

  • Can be done in your pj's from bed when that is all you can manage

  • Educates you about current pain neuroscience concepts in a functional, practical way

  • Helps to demystify conflicting information and advice 

  • Clarifies what is going on in your body:

    • How pain works

    • How and why your system reacts the way it does

    • How you can influence and change the way your system reacts

    • How you can change your pain by working WITH it rather than fighting or ignoring it

  • Demystifies how pain can be so unpleasant and challenging even though you can’t ‘see’ it

  • Clarifies how it is that your pain level and what shows up on an MRI, X-ray or other tests, don’t seem to line up 

  • Offers a community that listens to and supports each other

I've done the research  and all the legwork for you and put it together in an easy-to-use format. 


I've listened to your stories, felt your pain and I am living it with you.


I've considered everything that makes living with pain difficult and designed this program with YOU in mind.

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of this program

This program combines years of research,

over 20 years of clinical practice & teaching movement,

and honours current pain neuroscience communication concepts.


There is nothing in this program  I have not embodied to manage my own pain.

This approach has given me my life back and I can't wait to guide you

on YOUR Discover to Recover journey!!

See what others have to say about DTR's unique approach to pain care:

Q:  I’ve never done an online program, do I need special equipment?

Nothing special!  Just a computer (or phone or ipad) and internet access.


Q:  How much time will this program take?

You can work your way through this program in ANY way that feels good for you.  If you prefer to have guidance and structure, my suggestion is to dedicate:

  • 2-30 mins  a day for movement, breath, mindfulness and / or awareness

  • Once a week, incorporate a longer movement session. How long that means is different for everyone.  Start where feels good and build up to eventually doing a 30-60 minute session.


Q:  Do I need to have any previous experience with breath or mindfulness to benefit from this program?

NO!  I will guide you though every step of the way regardless how much experience you do or do not already have.

Q:  If I enjoy a particular lesson, can I access it more than once?

YES!  New content will be unlocked weekly.  Once unlocked, all lessons will be available in your Namastream library and you can revisit them as often as you like for the duration of the program.


Q:  Are you available for questions?

a)  Before the program starts:  I will be taking questions live on Facebook and Instagram on January 25th - 29th, 2021 and you can email me

You can check out this video I’ve put together outlining how to make your way through the program.  Hopefully this will help clarify any questions you may have. 








b)  Once the program starts:

There will be 3 live sessions during which I will clarify any issues you may be having.  It is helpful to reach out to the Facebook community to see if anyone can help to guide you.  If you would like to book a one-on-one online session with me my rates are:

  • $105 CAD + tax for 1hr

  • $55 CAD + tax for 30 minutes

  • $25 + tax for 15 minutes


Q:  What is the investment, again?

For less than the cost of 3 Osteopathy sessions you will have an Osteopath in your home (virtually!) guiding you every step of the way, everyday, for six weeks.  This 6 week program, which offers new content weekly, is only $294 CAD (tax included).

Q:  Will there be recordings of the live sessions?

YES! Participation in the live sessions are optional.  They are there for YOU. 

If the timing doesn't work for you, you can access the recorded sessions in your Namastream library  any time before the program ends.  So if you miss a live session, no problem! 

Q:  Will I have access to the recordings for life?

You will have access to view the recordings as often as you like during the 6 week program.  Once the program ends, you no longer have access to the content, other than the PDF's you download.  

But don't worry!  I am hard at work creating a membership version of the program.  It will be ready to launch soon and with the membership, you retain access to all content for as long as you are a member.  Details on the membership program coming soon. 


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