Connections - The Polyvagal Theory and Chronic Pain

Podcast interview - Four part series 

The Work In Podcast & Blog — Elemental Kinetics: Online Trauma Release Exercise + Yoga




Instagram live interview with Drishti Yoga

A discussion about chronic pain including:

  • A brief summary of Colleen's pain story

  • How the language we use as teachers and practitioners affects the person living with pain

  • Pain Care Aware (PCA) teacher training program Level I and II




Questions about Pain - West Island Blog

An interview about pain that covers topics like:

  • Be interested and curious about movement rather than thinking of it as homework, a chore or a duty

  • Using visualisation or graded motor imagery when you are unable to move

  • Work with what's working rather than trying to fix what is 'broken'

  • Gaining movement anywhere, helps movement everywhere

  • Importance of context and mindset

Guest lecturer for Holistic Journaling Ink

  • There are no pain fibers in the body - so how does pain work?

  • A snippet of pain science education combined with Shinzen Young’s Emotional Reactions to Pain - a guided practice.


How to manage pain during COVID if you don't have access to your usual resources

Tips on what you can do at home to help manage your pain during this time without access to your usual resources.


  • Surround yourself with the right team of professionals.

  • Make pain your ally not your enemy. 

  • Visualization, graded motor imagery.

  • The nervous system has learned how to be in pain, teach it how to NOT be in pain.

When introducing movement monitor your:

1.  Breath  

2.  Body tension  

3.  Mind


Make a plan that includes:  

1.  Distraction  

2.  Calming your nervous system  

3.  Work at the edge of your pain