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Parallel to my Pilates training, I began the 5yr Osteopathy program in 1997. When I began the program, I loved the physical techniques but did not gravitate naturally to the quieter, sensorial techniques of craniosacral work that is the heart of Osteopathy.


Craniosacral work requires a stillness of body and mind that were foreign to me.  Sitting still for even a moment felt like a waste of valuable time in those days!  It is now 2020 and I can’t tell you how strange it is to write that sentence!   

Stillness and meditation are such an integral part of my life & pain management routine. I don’t know how I ever managed without those tools.


I hope that is motivating for those of you reading this who think you will never be able to meditate. 


When Osteopathy began to focus on embryology and treating the viscera, something shifted inside of me. Embryology tells the story of who we are and how we come to be in this amazing body that takes us through life.


It’s impossible to dive into embryology without gaining a whole new respect for the body.  There is a whole world beyond the musculoskeletal system.


We are not just muscles, bones, ligaments, and fascia. 

We are so much more and it ALL needs to be considered.

Absolutely everything inside of us is connected and has a role in how we function, how we feel, how we live, and how we express ourselves. 


At this point in my journey, my clientele naturally became more Osteopathic than athletic in nature meaning that I started to see people who had complex, chronic issues instead of athletic, acute injuries. 


It didn’t take long before this became my new specialty.   It is my passion to help those in pain learn to LIVE life, not just survive it.


I enjoy the complexity of working with chronic issues. 

Every case is a new challenge, no two people are living the same story and I continue to learn from every single person

that walks into my office.

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