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Pain Care Aware™ Therapeutic Certificate
Individual Applications (60 hrs APD/CE)
with Colleen Jorgensen, D.O.

Are you ready to become Pain Care Aware(PCA)?

Sign up for this 60 hrs mentorship.

This course has two parts, including:

Foundations Course

April 23rd - May 21st, 2024



Four day live online on ZOOM 

May 30, 31st, June 1, 2nd, 2024

This mentorship is for Health Professionals, yoga therapists, yoga & Pilates teachers, movement professionals and body workers who work with clients one-on-one.

Already done Foundations? 

Join me for the 4 day practical only by clicking the button above

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Pain Care Aware™ Therapeutic Certificate Overview

With this certification you’ll go back to your clinic or studio with the confidence and the tools to help people with chronic pain conditions. You'll earn the title of P C APractitioner or teacher and 60 APD / CE's.

There are two parts to this 60 hour certification.


The PCA Foundations Course (30 hours)

pre-recorded material

go through at your own pace with guidance & support from your mentor



The Four-day practicum (30 hours)

live online over zoom

bring a client with you (for free) and experience this process together

(more on this below)


NB:  If you have already completed the Foundation Course, you can sign up for the

Practicum only and get your certificate. 

As part of the Pain Care Aware Therapeutics Certification you will receive

expert coaching and weekly guidance.

You will leave this course confident and ready to work one-on-one with

people with chronic pain conditions. You'll improve clinical outcomes by

integrating pain science and yoga into your practice or 1:1 teaching.


Apply Pain Care Aware concepts, principles and techniques to specific pain

conditions and dive deeper into yoga and pain science as essential therapy for

pain care!

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This mentorship is perfect for you if...

  • You feel the traditional way you were taught to view the human body is missing something...but you can't quite put your finger on what

  • You feel there is more to solving pain than only working through a biomechanical lens and you know that people are more than a bunch of parts, pieces & symptoms

  • You are ready to look at each person in front of you as an integrated, interconnected, harmonious WHOLE

  • ​You're confused about how to APPLY the latest science on pain into your clinical and / or movement practice

  • ​You feel unprepared and ill-equipped when clients share their complex pain stories

  • You are so overwhelmed by the volume of info our there about pain that you don't know what to believe, where to start or what to use in your practice

  • You get the theory of a biospsychosocialspiritual approach but don’t know how to apply that 1:1 with a client, student or patient

  • You are a Health Professional, yoga therapist, yoga & Pilates teacher, body worker or a movement professional who works 1:1 with clients

  • You know yoga can help, but have no idea how to integrate it with someone living

           with pain

  • You feel like you’re expected to be all things to all people and want to niche down

           to a speciality in pain

  • You want to reignite your passion for the work you do


If this sounds like you then you’re ready to become Pain Care Aware!  

For decades, we all had a lot of success helping people through a traditional biomechanical approach.  That approach is not wrong but it is incomplete.  In Pain Care Aware  you'll learn to assess and treat through a broader lens.  You'll get proficient at incorporating yoga, pain science, mindfulness, and the role of the psychoneuroimmune system to overcome common barriers and get people to the other side of pain.

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Full program - $1695

Practical only - $1295

(only an option if you have already completed Foundations)

How it works

Over the next weeks, your PCA Mentor will guide you and be available for questions as you complete the first thirty hours of online education and practice – the Pain Care Aware Foundations course.

This full program gives you the tools you need to:

  • Change pain

  • Get clients to enjoy movement again

  • Improve quality of life

  • Explore your own pain, embody pain care practices and challenge your own limitations

  • Embed pain science education into embodied self-care practices

  • Explore any misconceptions you or your clients have about pain 

  • Use  language that promotes compassion, curiosity and resilience instead of fear and fragility 

  • Apply pain science and yoga into pain care plans that work


Bring a client to the practicum

As you read about this course is there one client that keeps coming to mind?  Someone who has plateau'd?  Someone who's got you stumped about what to do next?

Bring them with you!

Part of what makes this program unique is that each practitioner / teacher will invite one 'guest' to the practicum.  In our four days together you'll learn directly from these guests who are living with persistent pain.  You’ll observe how your mentor guides them with pain care techniques and how they adjust and adapt to each person's needs as they arise.  

As a practitioner, you won't need to ‘solve’ anything for your client / guest.  Your PCA Mentor will lead all weekend so you can enjoy being on the receiving end of the embodied PCA practices.   No more power-over dynamic between you.  You will become partners as you are guided and you'll embody the practices right alongside your client.

Earn your final certificate by creating a personal Pain Care Aware plan for your guest. I will review it and give you feedback and together we'll make it the best plan possible.

By completing your PCA™ certificate you become part of our growing Pain Care Aware™ community.  It’s a wonderful group of professionals you can connect with and learn from.  You’ll also benefit from ongoing support from Colleen, Neil and Lisa.

In a nutshell this mentorship includes...

  • 60 hrs of continuing education (CE)

  • Guidance & support as you make your way through the pre-recorded Foundations course material

  • Video review of pain neuroscience and pain education for you and your guest

  • A printable training manual for registrants and guests

  • Applied of PCA principles for clinical practice  and therapeutic 1:1 interactions

  • Embodied PCA techniques and practices

  • Discussion and Q&A - Learn directly through the experiences of people in pain as they learn PCA foundational techniques

  • 1-1 guidance with the PCA plan you create for your guest


On completion of course hours and your guest’s Pain Care Aware personal plan, you will receive the Pain Care Aware Yoga Therapeutic Certificate.

What now..

It's time to sign up!  


Click the 'Sign Me Up!' button or the 'practicum only' button if you've done Foundations already.







Complete the 30 hrs Foundation course, I will guide and support you through it

You'll be emailed a link to start Foundations upon registration 


Show up for the 4 day live online practicum (with a guest) and earn your 60 hrs of Yoga Alliance CE Credits and the title of Pain Care Aware teacher or practitioner

Full program - $1695

Practical only - $1295

(only an option if you have already completed Foundations)

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Pain Care Aware™ - Guidance Through Foundation Overview

30 Hours



Your Pain Care Aware™ dharma starts here! Welcome, you're joining a community of like minds and hearts of service in the mission to change pain through yoga and pain science.  This section is about self-discovery through yoga while learning about pain from the perspective of a person with pain who is learning to live well again. Enjoy several rituals to enhance your study and practice!


Module 1 - Yoga and Pain

Yoga and Pain

This module is about cultivating awareness and promoting self efficacy.  Learn how yoga and pain science contribute to physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Pain is talked about through the lens of yoga texts and philosophy.  Gain insight and perspective from teachers and students who have lived with pain during movement.


Module 3

Discernment and Movement

This module focuses on developing and cultivating discernment & compassion in your approach to pain care. You will help students seek wellness through yoga and science. Cultivate fearlessness and resilience rooted in compassion.  Learn when to tune in and observe, when to change & regulate, when to pause and how to find more ease and peace in asana / movement. This module includes  downloadable scripts of the practices.


Next Steps


This is the end of your Foundations course, congratulations!  It's time to work with your PCA™ Mentor to confirm your attendance, along with your guests name, to complete the live online Practicum and get your CE hours for the Pain Care Aware™ Certificate - individual applications.



Understanding Pain

This lesson provides dives into pain physiology. Changing the way you think about pain gives you more options for changing pain.  When people have pain during movement or asana, PCA is about more than propping an exercise, giving an alignment cue or suggesting a different exercise. You will explore the questions; “How much pain is okay in asana?” and, “Can I change the pain without changing my posture?” (Really change it, not suppress it or get good at tolerating it) Turning toward discomfort and learning to be ok with some discomfort is a key concept.  There are ways to monitor and regulate physiology during movement that make exploring pain with curiosity a beneficial tool. Yoga is inclusive, accessible, safe, and beneficial for all when approached from a PCA™ perspective.


Module 2

Pain Theories

Pain is a complex human experience

a whole lot like love.

This module looks at different pain theories. From Rene Descartes, to Melzack and Wall, and Moseley and Butler you will address misconceptions that don't align with current science or with yoga. Be confident guiding students to turn toward pain using interoception and awareness.  Learn to regulate physiological changes to decrease sensitivity, decrease protective mechanisms and support the body on its path toward health and resilience.


Module 4

Principles and Language

As teachers and practitioners we inadvertently use nocebic language.  Nocebic language inadvertently fosters fear and limits potential.   This can lead to negative expectations and people are less likely to explore. Inviting playfulness and curiosity shifts people out of that place of fear. By the end of this module you'll know what language to avoid, remove, or add. As you deepen your knowledge and skills you become more creative and intentional with your language, and your words will offer genuine hope. This module includes  downloadable scripts of the practices.


NB:  Each module in the Foundations course includes  downloadable PDF and audio summaries of key takeaways to enhance your learning.


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