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Welcome to my online studio

There is something for everyone, have a look below...

Workshops and Courses
Upon purchase you will have access for a whole year!

FASCIA - Aging, Pain & Movement

In this workshop I'll share the latest scientific findings about fascia, aging and pain and I'll guide you through what you can do to counteract those changes.

Things like:

  • How to train the elastic properties of your fascia so you keep a spring in your step until your very last step

  • How to reorganize disorganized fascia

  • How to prevent loss of bone density

  • How to optimize load through tissue and bone

  • ... and much more!



This workshop will focus on all different types of balance:

  • proprioception to prevent falling

  • effort vs ease (sthira / sukha)

  • awareness of the right and left sides of the body

  • awareness of the front and back of the body

  • visualizing vs doing

  • sensing vs thinking

  • the body-mind connection

  • activation and calming

  • in breath and out breath


The Gut-Brain-Heart Connection and Celebrations

Through the branches of the vagus nerve and the fascial continuity the gut, brain and heart are all connected.

In this workshop we'll explore these connections somatically through breath, hands-on and movement practices.



In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Connect with the moment-to-moment info

  • Respect what you find

  • Work WITH your nervous system, not against it

  • notice when you’ve moved from stretching the system into stressing it

  • notice the patterns that are draining and find ways to reduce or resolve them

  • notice the patterns that are nourishing and find ways to replicate, reproduce, deepen and experience more of them

  • use the hierarchy of the autonomic nervous system to your advantage


THE EYES - Windows to Your Soul, Extensions of Your Brain

This 1hr workshop offers practical tools for reducing eye strain?   These same tools for the eyes  influence what nervous system state you are in, how cool is that!?


D.A.R.E. to Befriend

This ​BUNDLE includes​:

  • A Neuroception workshop replay

  • A Befriending the Nervous System workshop replay

  • ​A ​vagal tone yoga class where you can​physically ​embody the 3 different states

  • Stroll Along The Vagus - A series of ​14 ​self-releases and breath ​practices that target the various branches of the vagus nerve

  • ​Vagal Tone theory - 6 short videos explaining why and how to use vagal tone practices​​


D.A.R.E. to Treat Yourself!

In this program I share some of my favourite Osteopathic and self-release techniques for the following areas:

·       spine and ribs (5)

·       head / face / jaw (10)

·       arms / hands / fingers (6)

·       legs / feet (5)

·       viscera (5)

Enjoy becoming your own hands-on therapist! 


Hospital Bed Recovery

SO much can be done from your hospital bed that will make your recovery easier.  Circulation and lymphatic drainage are key for healing and moving the lungs is essential to avoid complications like pneumonia.

I've put together several practices you can do from your bed and there are a couple geared towards your caregiver or friends and family who are supporting you.  It's hard on everyone to sit or lie all day in a hospital or at home so feel free to do these practices together.


LIVES membership

If you are not a member of a current session of the D.A.R.E (previously Discover to Recover) program but want to benefit from the live coaching calls, you now have that option!

Lives are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month. 

A reminder to go to the calendar section and register for those you can attend live. 

Can't make it live?  No problem, you will have access to a recording of the live sessions for 12 months after the live session.


Awaken to the Art of Breathing

with guest instructor Annie Simard

Join me and Annie (breath facilitator) as she brings you through steps for your breathwork.

Your breathing pattern can exacerbate or alleviate your pain. 

In this workshop we’ll explore the language of your breath when you feel pain so you can learn to use it to your advantage. 

You will be guided through an embodied exploration of Stephen Elliot’s The 6 Bridges. 



As humans we have many many layers of tissue, throughout the WHOLE body and the lymphatic network lives in your superficial fascia.

In this workshop we will use a gentle contract / relax of the muscles and a lengthening and releasing of the fascia as a way to pump the lymphatic system. 


HYBRID HUGS -  A Nervous System Must

Exploring through the lens of physical sensation, thoughts, feelings and stories in this workshop we will explore how it feels when your autonomic nervous system chooses a particular state​

The focus will be learning how to surround yourself with ventral vagal energy (the 'hybrid hug') so that when your survival responses are called upon you can stay rooted in ventral energy to regulate your way through the challenge.


THE LUNGS - Wring 'Em Out & Decrease Adhesions

During this workshop I will guide you through hands-on techniques and breathing exercises you can do yourself to keep your lungs healthy and free of adhesions. 

Why wait until you feel crappy?  There is always room to feel better and you can optimize your health, increase resiliency and help prevent future issues by:

  • mobilizing and opening up the ribs

  • freeing the fascia around the chest and thorax

  • loosening the pleura and pericardium (wrapping of the lungs and heart respectively)

  • ...and much more!


D.A.R.E. to Breathe

These are not your traditional pranayama practices.  I have curated a specific set of practices to help the health and mobility of the lungs.

Never had any issues with your lungs? Great, lucky you!  If you want to keep it that way, you can use these practices proactively to prevent various lung issues in the future.


D.A.R.E to be Curious

D.A.R.E to be Curious is like a tasting menu that allows you to sample the practices that are in the 12 week D.A.R.E to Heal program. 
​The practices included are short and simple yet highly effective.  
Breath, movement, mindfulness, awareness...these are all skills to be practiced, repeated and cultivated.  Be kind and patient with yourself as you re-wire your nervous system and learn new skills. 


FREE Pain Care Tools

This bundle is to offer you a variety of tools to help yourself with any existing pain and / or to help prevent pain from turning chronic in the future.

These practices offer you a sneak peak into the Discover to Recover (DTR) online pain care program.  It is a 6 week program that consists of short practices aimed at allowing you to become your own best expert​.


TLC for Your GUT

This workshop will be a guided movement class that includes hands-on Osteopathy techniques to soothe and mobilize the gut.

If you are feeling bloated, inflamed, fatigued, out of balance, sore...this workshop will help you to soothe your gut, which helps to soothe you as a whole.



As humans we have many many layers of tissue, throughout the WHOLE body and the lymphatic network lives mostly in your superficial fascia and partly in your deep fascia.

In this workshop we will use a gentle contract / relax of the muscles and a lengthening and releasing of the fascia as a way to pump the lymphatic system. 



This is an experiential workshop all about giving your feet some much needed TLC!  Our feet hold us up everything and they are what take us forward through life.  

When they lose strength or mobility, it affects our whole body, our whole person!  Have you ever found yourself in a bad mood because of your aching feet?!?!?



These 'snacks' are short movement explorations of the whole body.  Hands and feet, arms and legs, the head and spine and everything in between!

12 classes, one for each month of the year.  These classes are in a mix of styles inspired by:

  • Pilates

  • yoga

  • Gentle Somatic Yoga

  • Feldenkrais

  • etc.!


D.A.R.E. to Care

By taking the time to care for yourself, to be kind to yourself, to show yourself compassion your capacity and ability to care for others grows.

This program includes self-care in the form of:

·       4 breath practices

·       6 mindfulness / guided meditations

·       10 self-releases to offer yourself some TLC

·       2 Gentle Somatic Yoga classes


D.A.R.E to be Curious

More info to come!

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